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  • Dr. Kakeru Fujiwara, "Metal-Support Interactions in Flame-made Metals on Metal Oxides for Environmental Applications", # 23810, 2016 ETH Zurich. Currently Researcher at ETH Zürich,
  • Dr. Rajesh Koirala, "Flame-made Catalytic Materials for Alkene Production", # 23621, 2016 ETH Zurich and reicipient of a First Place Environ. Division Graduate Student Paper Award, 2012 AIChE Mtg, Pittsburgh, PA. Currently Research Scientist at Johnson Matthey in Reading, UK,
  • Dr. Eirini Goudeli, "Multiscale Design of Aerosol Synthesis of Nanomaterials", #23323, 2016 ETH Zurich and recipient of  a Best Poster Award, 2013 European Aerosol Conference, Prague. Best Oral Presentation at HH Symposium of 2014 Fall MRS Mtg, Boston.Third Poster Prize, Particle Technology Forum, 2015 AIChE Mtg., Salt Lake City, UT and a 2016 ETH Medal for outstanding Dissertation. Currently Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis,
  • Dr. Samuel Ansorge "Improvement of Silicone Rubber for High Voltage Applications by Addition of Fillers" Dissertation # 22763, 2015 ETH Zürich, currently president Comité Électronique Suisse (CES),
  • Dr. Oliver Waser "Flame Aerosol Synthesis of Li-ion Battery Materials" Dissertation # 22730, 2015 ETH Zürich and recipient of a Best poster award for aerosol-based nanotechnology, 2009 European Aerosol Conference, Karlsruhe, Germany. Currently at E-FORCE in Beckenried LU,
  • Dr. Arto Gröhn "Scale-up of Flame Aerosol Synthesis by Computational Fluid Dynamics" Dissertation # 22003, 2014 ETH Zürichand recipient of Second Poster Prize in Particle Technology, 2012 AIChE Mtg., Pittsburgh, PA, currently Post-doctoral Associate at University of Colorado Boulder,
  • Dr. Marco Righettoni "Flame-Made WO3-Based Nanostructured Gas Sensors for Breath Analysis" Dissertation # 21861, 2014 ETH Zürich and recipient of a Graduate student Silver Award, 2010 Mater. Research Soc. Fall Mtg., Boston, MA and a 2014 ETH Medal for outstanding Dissertation. Currently Process Engineer at the Product Technology Center at Nestlé in Konolfingen,
  • Dr. Maximilian Eggersdorfer "Nanoparticle Agglomerates and Aggregates in Aerosols by Coagulation and Sintering" Dissertation # 20735, 2012 ETH Zürich and recipient of the Best Poster Award for aerosol fundamentals, 2011 European Aerosol Conference, Manchester, UK, the First Poster Prize in Particle Technology, 2011 AIChE Mtg., Minneapolis, MN, a Best Poster Award, 2012 Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, Boston, MA and twice recipient of an ETH Medal for an outstanding MSc (2008) and an outstanding PhD Dissertation (2013). Currently at Novartis, Basel,
  • Dr. Thomas Rudin "Towards Scalable Carbon-Free Synthesis of Nanoparticles" Dissertation # 20581, 2012 ETH Zürich, currently at Bühler AG,
  • Dr. Georgios Sotiriou "Understanding the Toxicity of Nanosilver for Synthesis of Biocompatible Plasmonic-Superparamagnetic Nanocomposites" Dissertation # 19860, 2011 ETH Zürich, and recipient of the 2011 First BioNanotechnology Graduate Student Award of AIChE in Minneapolis, the 2012 Best PhD Thesis Award from the Polymers & Colloids Division of the Swiss Chemical Society, the Best Poster Award of the 2012 Annual IFPRI Mtg., Ludwigsburg, German, a 2012 ETH Medal for outstanding Dissertation, a TechConnect2013 Innovation Award at the Nanotech2013 in Washington DC, USA and the 2013 Hilti Prize for the outstanding PhD Dissertation in ETH Zurich by a candidate under 30 years old. Currently Assistant Professor at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm,
  • Dr. Beat Büsser "Multiscale Design for Aerosol Synthesis of Functional Nanoparticles", Dissertation #19647, 2011 ETH Zürich, currently at IBM Ireland,
  • Dr. Robert Büchel "The Location of Noble Metal Clusters on Multicomponent and Multifunctional Aerosol-Made Heterogeneous Catalysts" 2011 Dissertation #19617, ETH Zürich and recipient of the 2009 Best Paper on Nanoparticles (Group 3d PTF) of AIChE, Nashville TN, a 2011 ETH Medal for outstanding Dissertation and Winner of the 2011 Chemical Reaction Engineering Poster Award of AIChE in Minneapolis, MN, currently Lecturer at ETH.
  • Dr. Björn Schimmöller, "Structure of Flame-Made Mixed Metal-Oxide Based Catalysts", 2010 Dissertation No. 19060 ETH Zurich and Winner of the 2010 Chemical Reaction Engineering Poster Award of AIChE in Salt Lake City, UT. Currently Research Engineer at Cabot Corporation in Boston,
  • Dr. Adrian Camenzind, "Nanoparticles for Composites: Aggregates & Agglomerates", 2009 Dissertation No. 18653, ETH Zürich and recipient of 2010 ETH Medal for outstanding PhD, currently Application Engineer at Optotune,
  • Dr. Antonio Tricoli, "Gas Sensitive Nanostructured Films by Direct Flame Synthesis and Deposition", 2009 Dissertation No. 18444 and recipient of the 2010 Hilti Prize for the outstanding PhD Dissertation in ETH Zurich by a candidate under 30 years old
  • Dr. Alexandra Teleki, “Flame synthesis and coating of nanostructured particles in one step” 2008 Dissertation #17685, ETH Zürich and recipient of second Best Poster Prize in PARTEC2007, Nuremberg, Germany, a 2008 ETH Medal for outstanding PhD and the 2009 first PhD prize by DSM Co. (South). Currently Scientist in the Nutrition Research & Development, Center for Formulation and Application at DSM in Basel,
  • Dr. Frank Ernst , "Co-synthesis of H2 and nanocrystalline ZnO particles by Zn aerosol formation and in-situ hydrolysis", 2007 Dissertation No. 17272. Currently Holcim Group Support Ltd and Lecturer at ETH Zurich,
  • Dr. Martin Heine, "Particle dynamics at high aerosol concentrations and production rates", 2007 Dissertation No. 17253, ETH Medal for outstanding PhD. Currently at Bühler AG,
  • Dr. Heiko Schulz, "Nanocomposites from Flame-made Nanoparticles: Radiopaque Ta2O5/SiO2 for Dental Adhesives and Fillings", 2007 Dissertation No. 17188, ETH Zürich and recipient of the 2008 Georg-A.-Fischer-Preis for outstanding PhD. Currently at BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany,
  • Dr. Reto Strobel, "Aerosol flame synthesis of supported metal particles and their catalytic applications", 2006 Dissertation No. 16592, ETH Medal for outstanding PhD and 2008 Sheldon K. Friedlander Award for best Ph.D. Thesis in Aerosol Science and Engineering, American Association for Aerosol Research, Orlando, FL, USA,. Currently Project Manager R&D at Hitachi Zosen Inova AG in Zurich, Switzerland,
  • Dr. Rainer Jossen, "Controlled synhesis of mixed oxide nanoparticles by flame spray pyrolysis" 2005 Dissertation No. 16401. Currently at Lonza, Visp, Switzerland, .
  • Prof. Dr. Lutz Mädler, "Flame Spray Pyrolysis for Synthesis of Functional Nanoparticles", 2004 Habilitation and recipient of the inaugral BASF Award in Process Engineering (2004) and the Marian Smoluchowski Award for Aerosol Research (2005), European Aerosol Association and the 2009 Max Bouchner Prize by DECHEMA. Currently Professor IWT Foundation Institute of Materials Science & Director of Process & Chemical Engineering Division, Department of Production Engineering, University of Bremen, Germany,
  • Dr. Marc Kaelin, "Low-cost CU(In,Ga)Se2 absorbers from nanosized precursor materials for thin film solar cells" 2005 Dissertation No. 15877. Currently at Flisom AG (an ETH spinoff) Zurich, Switzerland, .
  • Dr. Susanne Veith, "Retention, Diffusion and Release of Flavor Molecules from Porous Silica Sol-gel-made Particles" 2004 Dissertation No. 15490, ETH Medal for outstanding PhD. Currently research engineer at DuPont, Wilmington, USA,
  • Dr. Oliver Wilhelm, "Electrohydrodynamic Spraying - Transport, Mass and Heat Transfer of Charged Droplets and their Application to the Deposition of Thin Functional Films" 2004 Dissertation No. 15406. Currently research engineer at EnBW Kraftwerke AG, Philippsburg, Germany,
  • Dr. Takao Tani, "Flame spray pyrolysis of Zinc Oxide / silica nanoparticles", 2003 Dissertaion No. 15266. Currently Leader, Materials Design Group, Nanospace-utilized Materials Program, Frontier Research Center, Toyota CR&DL, Nagoya, Japan, .
  • Dr. Roger Müller, "Characterization and Synthesis of Nanoparticles made in Vapor and Spray Flames", 2003 Dissertation No. 15147, ETH Zürich (2003). Currently Project Manager Sustainability at Novartis, Basel, Switzerland,
  • Prof. Dr. Wendelin Stark, “Functional Nanoparticles by Flame Aerosol Synthesis: Applications in Heterogeneous Catalysis”, 2002 Dissertation No. 14924, ETH Hilti Prize for outstanding PhD by someone under 30 years old and recipient of the First Poster Prize in Particle Technology at the 2002 AIChE Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN, USA. Currently Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering, ETH Zurich, .
  • Dr. Stavros Tsantilis, "Primary and agglomerate aerosol dynamics" 2002 Dissertation No. 14695 and recipient of the Best Poster Prize at the International Congress on Particle Technology PARTEC 2004, Nürnberg, Germany. Currently R&D Project Coordinator at Tecan AG, Männedorf, Switzerland,
  • Dr. Hendrik Kammler, "Synthesis of Oxide Nanoparticles with Closely Controlled Characteristics", Dissertation No. 14622, ETH Zürich 2002. Currently at Novartis Pharma AG, Basel,
  • Dr. Karsten Wegner, “Nanoparticle Synthesis in Gas-Phase Systems: Process Design and Scale-up for Metals and Metal Oxides”, 2002 Dissertation No. 14568, ETH Zürich Medal for outstanding PhD. Currently Tethis SAE Milan, Italy and Lecturer at ETH Zurich,
  • Dr. Patrick Spicer, "Shear Induced Aggregation-Fragmentation: Mixing and Aggregate Morphology Effects" Ph.D. Univ. Cincinnati 1997, recipient of the 1998 First Prize for a Paper by a Graduate Student by the Environmental Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and recipient of the AIChE 1998 Best Ph.D. in Particle Technology. Currently Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of New South Wales,
  • Dr. Srinivas Vemury, "Flame Synthesis of Particles: Effect of Charging", Ph.D. Thesis 1996, recipient the 1998 Sheldon K. Friedlander Award for best Ph.D. Thesis in Aerosol Science and Engineering, American Association for Aerosol Research, Cincinnati, OH,. Currently with Corning Glass, Wilmington, NC,
  • Dr. George P. Fotou, "NanoParticle Engineering: Fiber Coating and Photocatalysis", Ph.D. Univ. Cincinnati 1995. Currently Process Research Engineer, Cabot Co., Albuquerque, NM, USA, .
  • Dr. M. Kamal Akhtar, "The Effect of Cooxidants during Titania Formation by TiCl4 Oxidation", Ph.D. Univ. Cincinnati 1993. Currently Manager, Strategic Manufacturing Research, Millenium Chemicals Inc., Baltimore, MD, kamal.akhtar@
  • Dr. Yun Xiong, "Dynamics of Particle Formation and Growth in Gas Phase Processes", Ph.D. Univ. Cincinnati 1992. Currently Senior Scientist, Millenium Chemicals Inc., Baltimore, MD, .
  • Prof. Dr. Kyo-Seon Kim, "Fabrication of Optical Fiber Preforms by Modified Chemical Vapor Deposition", Ph.D. Univ. Cincinnati 1989. Currently Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Kangwon National University, Korea,
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