Güntner, Andreas

Andreas Güntner

ML  F 20.2 

Sonneggstrasse 3

8092 Zürich


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Additional information

Curriculum Vitae

Andreas T. Güntner (1987) is a PhD student at the group of Prof. Pratsinis at ETH Zürich. He studied Mechanical Engineering at ETH and received BSc and MSc degrees in 2012 and 2014, respectively.

Research interests

His research focuses on the development of portable gas sensors for breath analysis. This includes primarily the nanoscale engineering (morphology, crystal phase, composition) of chemoresistive materials exhibiting unprecedented high sensitivity and selectivity to target breath tracers. At the same time, such sensors are integrated into compact E-noses. Currently, gas sensors are developed to detect and monitor lung cancer, kidney failure and diabetes.

Motivated students for BSc & MSc projects or as lab assistants are always welcome.


- ETH Medal for outstanding MSc Thesis (top 2.5%)

In the news

- SRF-Puls: "Für Diagnose bitte blasen" Link

- HMZ-News: "Mit kleinsten Gassensoren dem Atem auf der Spur" Link

Selected publications

Full list on Google Scholar:

- Güntner A.T., Pineau N.J., Chie D., Krumeich F., Pratsinis S.E.
  Selective sensing of isoprene by Ti-doped ZnO for breath diagnostics
  J. Mater. Chem. B, 4, 5358-5366, (2016). Inside Front Cover Link

- Güntner A.T., Koren V., Chikkadi K., Righettoni M., Pratsinis S.E.
  E-nose sensing of low-ppb formaldehyde in gas mixtures at high relative
  humidity for breath screening of lung cancer?
  ACS Sens., 1, 528-535, (2016). Link

- Güntner A.T., Righettoni M., Pratsinis S.E.
  Selective sensing of NH3 by Si-doped alpha-MoO3 for breath analysis
  Sens. Actuators B, 223, 266-273, (2016). Link

- Righettoni M., Ragnoni A., Güntner A.T., Pratsinis S.E., Risby T.H.
  Monitoring breath markers under controlled conditions
  J. Breath Res., 9, 047101, (2015). Link

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